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170000 sq ft

Precision Farming Greenhouse

384480 sq ft

Open Land Smart Farming

155000 bees

Use For Pollination

94 record

captured daily for digital farming record

Grow This is where it all starts All of our plants go into transplant trays and remain there until the condition allows us to plant them in the green house or open land without putting our crop at risk. Not sure our farm but our partner grower perform the same farming method to ensure quality. Process We insist on hand pick fresh Our fruit is safe to eat when it harvest, after fruits are picked, they go one of two places – to the packing line and off to your stores, or to one of our Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage rooms which allow non-chemical approach for fruit preservation. Pack Careful with selection and delivery Before we ship , product are carried through the first stages of packing via a water/clean channel. We do an initial quality sort of the fruit to remove obvious flawed ones. Then, the product is washed, dried, and sorted through by hand again. Logistics Perishable agricultural products? No problem. We focusing on logistical aspects by changing consumer demands, maintaining safety and quality, and increasing the velocity of products through the distribution channels by our existing strong efficient logistics management. Export Together to increase sale channel Together our farm and partners, we do an end-to-end handling of exporting a wide range of products. Our easy to purchase model backed with flexible policies and convenient payment options, makes it an ideal choice for customers and retailers alike. Wholesale Delivery in bulk when you need it We developed long term relationships with our growers and selected suppliers who provide us with selective crop in season to ensure commercial supply and anyone who needs fresh food daily is delivered with personalized service. Retail Providing fresh produce in stores or online. We develop many innovative approaches to improve the quantity and quality of fresh produce to you include online purchase. We showcasing the finest produce, supporting our grower & partners uniting them with community direct to benefit everyone.

Quality Seeds Quality Seeds Quality Seeds we focus on seed acquisition on what we plant . Quality crop seeds are one of the key requirements for successful crop production, good yield, quality production and profits. Our fresh produce comes directly from the source during its respective season to ensure the quality standards that our customers have grown to love! ABOUT US WE ONLY USES KNOW MORE Crops Care Care For Our Crops dedicated sustainable farming practices The best way to obtain high-quality, tasty crops is to treat the land with respect and growing crops with care and patience. To prevent pesticides wherever possible, our crops are grown using Integrated Pest Management, biological controls and ABOUT US GROWER TOUCH WITH Crops Care KNOW MORE Moden Farming Modern Farming Modern Farming technology + data for quality modern farming. With the help of modern agricultural technology it allows less number of grower to farm vast quantities of crops in a short span of time. We transform grower from a traditional to a modern knowledge based agricultural community . Making Big data actionable for small holder agriculture by delivering key farming trends in the sector and farm specific insights for better service delivery ABOUT US AGRICULTURE WITH DIFFERENCE KNOW MORE Premium Quality Premium Quality Premium Quality best quality fruits throughout the year We handpick from the crop, every step of our farming process is aimed at making sure you can enjoy the freshest, ripest fruits and vegetables throughout the year. We nurture our people, grow our growing sites, and invest in ongoing research and development – all so that we can continue to deliver the best product on the market today. ABOUT US NOTHING LESS THAN KNOW MORE

Golden Melon Golden
Know More Bee
+ Plants are grown in
coconut husks
One plant ONLY harvest best melon fruit myGAP = Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice New
Water/fertilizer is dripped
in a closed system



We appreciate every one of our clients! Big thanks for your such kind words!
  • 晓晴

    "好好吃, 脆脆甜甜,我好喜欢的水果! 天然的蜜蜂授粉的Melon口感很棒.我还送给朋友外婆的百岁礼物,老人收到很开心。还会再买 ♥!...."

  • Dennis Denn

    "Buah Melon Sedap! Rasa rangup dan manis yang sangat sedap! Lebih sedap daripada honey dew. Tersuka sebab masa beli di supermarket. Sebelum ni tak pernah nak rasa pun. Tapi dah rasa sekali, terus suka dengan buah melon ni. Makan satu, nak lagi dan lagi...."


    Dennis Denn
  • Sarah

    "My husband brought some of your golden melon home from City Grocer in KK. These are so good I seriously need more! Amazing! I couldn’t stop eating them and I don’t even like melon! They are so crisp and nice sweet and just wonderful! The kids love them too and I love that this is locally made....."

  • Kevin Kong

    "It’s not very often that I’ll seek out a company to give a review but these golden melon are INCREDIBLE!!! Hands down my favorite snack and treat all in one! I haven’t ventured into trying any other fruit lately as I LOVE the melon so much. Customer for life!....”

    Kevin Kong
  • Jennifer Lee

    "Best snack ever! I love them all, including the melon. They satisfy my sweet tooth AND the need to crunch something, and I can eat a whole melon without guilt. So delicious. Your fruit is the best that we can get in Sabah ! Proud to support the local farm...."

    Jennifer Lee

Ananas Farm is driving agribusiness forward..

Ananas Farm is a bold and forward-thinking company-to use strategic investment to implement and manage sustainable farming projects across Sabah. The company is thus seeking to improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities, meet the highest environmental protection standards, and generate profits for its stakeholders. By fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities as well as its commitment to growth, Ananas Farm is proof that agribusiness can do both well and good.

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ananasfarm is a innovative agribusiness agro-entrepreneur which we uses farming technology and sustainable business model to work with our partner and in-house farm to grow farm produce to our consumer and change the way their eat.